The TATTOO MAFIA INC. Portfoilio Directory showcasing the quality. As well as the wide range of styles that Tattoo Mafia has to offer. You will find both male and female artist showcased in the TATTOO MAFIA INC. Portfolio Directory.Thank You for taking the time to look at our portfolio’s. 



TATTOO MAFIA, INC. Chris DeLauder Tattoo Artist Dover, DE


Chris has been tattooing professionally since 1995. He was inspired by his Mother’s drawings and his Grandfather’s painting.  Artistic ability has always come naturally for Chris.  He enjoys working with serious collectors who are looking for an artist who has experience in covering large areas of the body.  Chris is able to take their ideas and turn their body into a work of art. Take a look at Chris’s portfolio in  Tattoo Mafia Portfolio Directory by clicking on the button below.


Lisa has been tattooing professionally since 2001. Having a love for Art since she was a child. Inspired both by her Mother and Brothers Artistic ability. Comfortable working with Large Custom Tattoo designs in Black and Gray as well as color.

Using her Imagination, Lisa has a style of Realistic Tattooing that is definitely more Nature based. Working with real photos for Inspiration – Floral designs, Wildlife, Animal Portraits are some of her favorite designs to work on.  Anything horror related is also a favorite of hers.

Lisa’s experience includes an  extensive knowledge of Enhancements and Cover-ups of Unwanted Tattoos and Scars.  Finding it a challenging and very rewarding part of her profession. Take a look at Lisa’s portfolio in  Tattoo Mafia Portfolio Directory by clicking on the button below.

TATTOO MAFIA, INC. Ian Tadashi Tattoo Artist Dover, DE


Ian  has been tattooing professionally since 2013. He really enjoys all project types ranging from simple script to large scale pieces.  Ian’s absolute favorite styles are traditional and sacred geometry. He loves fine detail work and continues to challenge himself with new and exciting artwork.  On Ian’s off time, He enjoys paintball competitions, traveling, and spending time with his wife and fur baby Maple. Take a look at Ian’s portfolio in  Tattoo Mafia Portfolio Directory by clicking on the button below.

TATTOO MAFIA, INC. Will Schulze Tattoo Artist Dover, DE


Excited to announce Will is back! He will be back here at Tattoo Mafia on Saturdays!  Will started tattooing in 2014 after serving 7 years in the Air Force.  He loves working with Traditional style tattoo art in full color with bold lines.  He currently has an open schedule for those of you looking to get in with a short wait time.



Robert Chambers is a professional body piercer with nearly ten years of experience. Originally from Upstate NY, He first began his career in Wheat Ridge, Colorado at the Stay Local Tattoo while attending Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design for Illustration. Robert quickly began to excel at piercing landing him opportunities to travel, not only in the states but outside of the country as well. First to San Diego and Phoenix, then off to Sydney, Australia!  After returning to the states, Robert continued to improve his craft working all around the U.S. at several more studios. He’s been interested in body modification from a very young age and has a passion for health and fitness, including bodybuilding, which is considered by many to be the most extreme form of body modification. When he’s not piercing people, you can catch him geeking out reading philosophy books or spending time on his ever-evolving collection of Arachnids! Also he’s an avid gamer on Xbox live! (Twinstrike is his gamertag- go add him!!!)



Chloe Harrison first took an interest in art at the age of twelve when she was given a set of pastels. Immediately drawn to realism, she has spent the past eight years creating lifelike portraits, but never considered turning it into a career until she received her first tattoo in 2019. Chloe loved the idea of decorating a human body with her own artwork. In 2020 she decided take a new direction to pursue an apprenticeship at Tattoo Mafia, where she is now working towards her goal of becoming a tattoo artist. In her free time, Chloe also enjoys swing dancing, cooking, and caring for her animals.

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