TATTOO MAFIA – Suggested aftercare products for healing tattoos. A lanolin, petroleum, or oil-based product for the first 3 days. Most of the negative side effects associated with these products can be avoided by rubbing the product into the skin so that the skin can remain dry and breath. {Avoid Neosporin and A&D these products have been known to cause rashes and inflammation}. A scent and dye-free lotion. Scents and dyes contain alcohol and can sting or irritate your new tattoo. A scent and dye-free Body soap. Scents and dyes contain alcohol and can sting or irritate your new tattoo.

Approved aftercare products will be suggested by your artist and can be found on TATTOO MAFIA – Suggested aftercare products page.

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TATTOO MAFIA - Suggested aftercare

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•  Do not touch your new tattoo without WASHING YOUR HANDS FIRST. Your tattoo artist used sterile instruments and single use needles.  They have spent time to sanitize and barrier their station.  Now it is up to you to take appropriate care of your new tattoo.  Remember your tattoo is not permanent until it is healed.
• 2  Remove your bandage ( if one was applied ) and clean your new tattoo 1 hour after leaving the studio.  No longer than 3 hours as this can make body fluid removal difficult if not impossible resulting in scabs.  Wash the surface of your new tattoo with lukewarm water and soap containing no dyes or perfumes as these can cause irritation. Such as Dove soap.  Use a CLEAN WASHCLOTH to scrub your tattoo. Be abrasive enough to remove any blood or body fluids from the surface.  This will speed up the healing process and prevent scabbing. Only use the wash cloth for the first cleaning, after that just use your fingers to gently clean your tattoo when you shower. Do this throughout the rest of the healing process.
( These instructions do not apply to those clients that have diabetes, a blood clotting disorder, or are taking blood thinning medications. Please consult with your artist if any of these apply to you. )
3  Rinse and pat dry using a CLEAN TOWEL. Do not cover tattoo allow it to air dry. Do not apply aftercare products until the next day. It is important to let your tattoo “breathe”. Remember a DRY TATTOO IS A HEALING TATTOO.

• 4  The following day, apply a lanolin, petroleum, or oil based product. Such as Tattoo Therapy. Use a small amount, rubbing it in like lotion until it is absorbed in to the skin.While applying Tattoo Therapy it is normal for dry skin with tattoo color in to come off in its own time on your hand.  As long you are not forcing it off.  We suggest using these products the day after. Then as needed to ease any discomfort. Remember these products are for comfort. Your body handles the healing. Overuse of these products can slow the healing process. Every time you use aftercare products you apply moisture which slows the healing process. A DRY TATTOO IS A HEALING TATTOO. Overuse can also cause skin irritation, and will cause the tattoo to look faded when healed.

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• 5  After 3 day start to use a a unscented, color free lotion. Such as Eucerin lotion. This is used to clear up any dry skin  as well as any itch you maybe experiencing. Use as needed remembering that a DRY TATTOO IS A HEALING TATTOO. Multiple light coats are better than a heavy one. This will allow the tattoo to breathe while staying moisturized. While applying lotion it is normal for dry skin with tattoo color in to come off in its own time on your hand.  As long you are not forcing it off, DO NOT PICK AT THE DRY SKIN, SCRATCH, OR LOOFA YOUR TATTOO. If this skin does not come off on its own and is removed by PICKING, SCRATCHING, OR USING A WASHCLOTH OR LOOFA IN THE SHOWER. This will leave your tattoo design looking faded and unattractive and will result in a TOUCH UP AT OWNERS EXPENSE. Please refer your freinds to TATTOO MAFIA – Suggested aftercare products page and share a great way to heal your tattoo.

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• First 3 days:  Some localized swelling, tenderness, or bruising.
• During healing: Dry skin with tattoo color in it, itching. Tenderness and tightness around the skin on joints. These areas may have extended healing times.
•Once healed: Use lotion to see the brightest version of your tattoo. 


• WASH YOUR HANDS prior to touching your tattoo; leave it alone except when cleaning.
• Stay healthy; the healthier your lifestyle, the easier it will be for your tattoo to heal. Get enough sleep and eat a nutritious  diet. Exercise during healing is fine; listen to your body.
•Make sure your bedding is washed and changed regularly. Wear clean, comfortable, breathable clothing while you are sleeping.
•Showers tend to be safer than taking baths, as bathtubs can harbor bacteria. Soaking while healing your tattoo can also cause your tattoo to look faded when healed.

WHAT to avoid

• Avoid touching your tattoo unless you WASH YOUR HANDS first.
• Avoid using Antibacterial soaps (i.e. Liquid Dial or Softsoap)
• Avoid using Neosporine or any Triple Antibiotic as well A&D Ointment. These products are known to cause rashes.
• Avoid soaking in hot tubes, baths, and saunas for at least 3 weeks after procedure.
• Avoid pets or animals coming in close contact with your new tattoo.
• Avoid the sun or tanning beds for 3 weeks. After healing, always wear sun screen to prevent fading.
• Avoid wearing tight, or restrictive clothing as it may cause problems with the healing and overall look of the tattoo. ( i.e. bra straps, footwear, waist bands, necklaces and bracelets, compression clothing like Underarmor.
• Avoid over-cleaning or over-medicating the tattoo. This can delay your healing and irritate your tattoo. Remember less is more , you are better off just cleaning it when you shower and not putting any aftercare products on than the latter.
• Avoid submerging the tattoo in unhygienic bodies of water such as pools, lakes, oceans. As they can harbor bacteria.
• Avoid all beauty and personal care products on or around the tattoo including cosmetics, lotions, and sprays, etc. That are not aftercare products until healed.


It is important to consider your first couple nights of sleep. Always use clean sheets and try not to lay on the tattooed area as much as possible. If a tattooed area is against a sheet with pressure it may leave an imprint on the sheet. Staying off this area and letting the tattoo breathe through the night is ideal for proper healing.


Highly strenuous activities and contact sports need to be avoided during the healing time of your tattoo. Excessive sweating, saunas, and gym workouts all need to be minimized as much as possible. Not only can these things effect the healing of your tattoo, but these environments can also expose your open skin to bacteria or viruses.


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