Robert Chambers is a professional body piercer with nearly twelve years of experience. Originally from Upstate NY, He first began his career in Wheat Ridge, Colorado at the Stay Local Tattoo while attending Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design for Illustration. Robert quickly began to excel at piercing landing him opportunities to travel, not only in the states but outside of the country as well. First to San Diego and Phoenix, then off to Sydney, Australia!  After returning to the states, Robert continued to improve his craft working all around the U.S. at several more studios. He’s been interested in body modification from a very young age and has a passion for health and fitness, including bodybuilding, which is considered by many to be the most extreme form of body modification. When he’s not piercing people, you can catch him geeking out reading philosophy books or spending time on his ever-evolving collection of Arachnids! Also he’s an avid gamer on Xbox live! (Twinstrike is his gamertag- go add him!!!)


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